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I'm Neka, a woman who is fervent about affirmations + meditation, writing and helping you to unleash your true identity and walk in fearless authenticity. I would guess you found me from seeing me speak at a school, woman's event, by way of my social media or you've read my book. Either way, welcome to my little part of the world!!I am here to help you gain confidence, make massive impact and become the person you were created to be. I'm honored to connect and serve you.


Be. Live. Fearlessly Authentic

Hello Cupcake Presents:

Cupcakes & Conversation (The Period Talk)

Let's create a space for our girls to have candid conversations about womanhood.

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Empowerment Sessions

Inspire her to be greater than she can imagine

Fabricated Beauty Summit

Women Empowerment Session

The Power Of Connection!

Our Library

Looking for something inspiring, empowering and uplifting for you, your daughter or girl's group to read? Shop our library for the perfect inspirational reads filled with interactive activities to equip and motivate you into action and creativity.


Honey my tears started on page 8

-A Woman's Unmasking Guide

Lashawn D.

You did it like I've never seen it done before when you spoke, looking forward to the next time

-Southern Belle Tea Party

Lady Ebony Johnson, Georgia

Neka they loved you!!

-Rocking Out For Puberty

Philiana S.

This woman's spirit is bold and inviting! Thanks for the encouragement that I get to share with my daughter. You are a gift!


Thank you for coming your words inspired me in so many ways... you are a blessing.


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1-On-1 Consulting Sessions

Hey there Beauty!

Do you want to shift your motivation into high gear and feel more inspired than ever?

Are you ready to unleash your true identity and walk in FEARLESS authenticity?

Are you ready to make massive impact and become laser focused on your goals so that you SET and REACH them every time?

If you’re a dreamer, visionary or small start-up these consulting sessions are for you.


Feeling like you lack motivation? Knowing that life is suppose to be more, but you can't seem to get started or you start then stop...

Are you ready to be a finisher?

I'm here to help!!! Let's turn your thoughts into tangible things.


Let's Brunch Ladies

 Each year we invite a host of ladies to join us for brunch, mocktails, giveaways and good vibrations.

This atmosphere offers us the opportunity to chat, celebrate and support each other. All while socializing and shopping with amazingly talented kidprenuers. Not to mention the best caterer in the business will be serving up some sweet treats and delectable eats. As we vibe to the sounds from our Queen DJ.

We'd love for you to join us #letsbrunch!!

Annual Brunch

The Empowerment Experience Of The Year!

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Signature Talks

Blog posts

Raising Daughters

Raising Daughters

From being a daughter to raising girls of my own. This is being raised as daughter from my perceptive... Because I said so This is a response th...
Brunch For The Royals a day party vibe brunch for mothers and daughters.

Brunch N’ Thangs

Brunch For The Royals 2018   Whoa!! I am both happy and feeling sad all at the same time. Each time I plan and host an event I experience this typ...
Thy Shall Not Compare

Thy Shall Not Compare

Thy shall not compare herself to others. You’re in a league all your own sis!
Wife'N Ain't Easy

Wife'N Ain't Easy

Being a wife is more than a title it's a position of commitment and honor.
It's time to start the conversation...

It's time to start the conversation...

Have you start the conversation with your daughter about womanhood? Let Hello Cupcake assist you with that sweet experience with a box of girly sweetness to make the conversation a little yummier. Filled with all the essentials a girl will need to feel confident about her transition into womanhood.

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As I journey through lyfe being fearlessly authentic and learning to love myself more and judge myself less. It takes daily intentional effort, no lie!! Come walk with me @iamnekascott #lyfewithneka #fearlesslyauthentic