Brunch N’ Thangs

Brunch For The Royals 2018

Brunch for the royals with Neka Arnold-Scott


Whoa!! I am both happy and feeling sad all at the same time. Each time I plan and host an event I experience this type of bipolar behavior, (shhhh I try to hide my crazy)!! But no seriously, this year's brunch was the epitome of what I have wanted the moms and girls to experience since I started hosting this event in 2009...

Thank you to the beautifully gifted hands of PSLush Creations the most awemazing event planning duo in Atlanta. This royal setup blessed the room with inspiration and fabulousness, is that a word? Well, you get the point.




The Food 

We must give thanks for this beautiful brunch yummy-ness that we experienced. Of course a brunch isn't a brunch if quiche wasn't invited to the party. In my opinion at least, eggs is always a winning choice.

     Brunch for the royals

Can we just say a quick prayer for this deliciousness on a plate... and let's not forget the MOMosa mocktails. The food was mouthwateringly delicious. Our caterer TASTEit Parties left our guest, and me included wanting to lick our plates. This gorgeous spread with colorful and refreshing all at the same time. The potato thingy was my fave!! 😋


  J’s Speciality Chessecakes was the This oreo cheesecake was so good make you wanna slap yo mama, but you know better. I'm just saying that's how delicious it was. Shhhh, I almost just licked the screen!!

    Brunch for the royals Neka Arnold-Scott

As the day came to an end all I took a moment to reflect on the past 9 years of this event. Things have changed sooooo much since the beginning both good and damn good, you hear me. I for one have survived many personal changes for starters. But, all change isn't bad so they say. Who are they you might ask I have not a clue. I just say it because that's what I've heard growing up LOL.

Back to the topic at hand. Now if you know me, you understand why I have to verbally interrupt and refocus my words. Because ya girl will be all over the place, okay. You'll learn that about me...just keep reading my blogs. Soo as I was saying this year really felt like I had made my mark as Neka Scott, the person and not just the founder of D&P Empowerment Group a place I felt comfortable hiding.

First of all let me make this confession. Back in 2008 I along with two of my daughters attended a Tea Party hosted by a lady I met in Payless, yes the shoe store...FOCUS please I'm making a point. (clears throat) So the lady approached me and asked if I'd like to buy a ticket to their tea party. I was like ok sure, she gave me the details and a few weeks later we are out hunting for gloves and hats (we looked like seventy year old golden girls). That's not the point, so we attended and had a great time and I later thought to myself, I can do that. 

Boom!! In 2009 a year later I hosted my own version of a tea party. Here I am nine years later still doing the dang thang too. Until this summer when I had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine and she said to me. I always see your tea party flyer and wonder, why does she do looks nothing like who she is. She's (meaning me) loud, natural hair and very opposite prissy.  PAUSE for the cause real quick, at that moment I wanted to hurl a few four letters words at her (insert eye roll) and exit the entire convo. Until I realized she was so right. I was a fraud ya'll.

She did give me some advice that turned out to be just what I needed. Sometimes we have to be able to bench our feelings and look at what someone is saying to us objectively. Only then will we be able to see our greatest potential realized. While sitting there across from her with my eyes wide open and my heart ready to listen. She said, "Neka pray and ask God what would He have you to do". Now, she gonna throw the Lord up in this. Again, she was right I had never asked God what to do. I just figured I could do something better, and I went for it but it was never my own original vision. LAWD!! that was a lot of truth to spill. Now all that leads me to this year's Brunch For The Royals. It was authentically me!

I wanted to create something that spoke to who I am and what gratifies my soul. Which led me to the theme of a brunch with a day party type vibe. YESSSSS...that was it, stamped and delivered. For me though, the icing on the cake was when my daughters said to me, "Mom this was next level". I started to cry but I didn't want to lose any cool points I might have raked up that day. You feel me on that right?


The point true to who you are and what you were created to do. Lord knows I'm learning how to do the same!!



Join us next year for Brunch N' Thangs!!


OHHH can follow our event page on IG for updates @brunch4theroyals





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