It's time to start the conversation...

Have You Started The Conversation?

If your daughter is from the ages of 8-12 years old it's time to start the conversation. Yup!! That conversation, because her period is just around the corner. Especially if she has started to sprout some breast buds and growing hair like a garden of beautiful's time. This conversation can be challenging without the proper and easy to use tools and tangible examples. Visuals always help...the less energy you have to exert the better for you both. 


Think back for a moment to the first time you experienced your cycle. Let me just say this I thought I was dying and delayed calling my mother at work for at least 30 minutes. Finally built up the courage and she gives me very simple instructions, still I had no clue what to do or how to do it. This is an example of being too late with the conversation, I was slightly traumatized. Please don't do this to your daughter, lol.

Check out this short video on a few tips to have that initial conversation...

 If I can help it you will be fully prepared to have the conversation with confidence and a cute little delicious box. Hello Cupcake is perfect for supporting you and your little lady with all you period talk necessities. So gone are the days when this topic is taboo and whispered like it's the plague or some foreign alien takeover. Just remember the earlier we empower and educate them the more confident they will grow to be. Besides they will get to know their body sooner than we think...let's take charge to ensure they are receiving the correct information.

Hello Cupcake is ready to assist you with adding a little sweetness to the conversation.

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