Cupcakes & Conversation


Cupcakes & Conversation is a live girl talk to assist girls and their parents with starting the conversation about their first period. These sweet sessions provide an inspiring atmosphere to openly begin the conversation and crush the taboo. Hello Cupcake is on a mission to show girls how celebration, education and empowerment will boost their confidence about their changing bodies.

These conversations can also be held with a small group of young ladies in the privacy of your home or location of your choice. The goal is to get the "sweet" conversation started and make it a special experience.

A girl's first period can be extremely embarrassing and scary to say the least. Especially when she hasn't been prepared with education and exposure. The sweet thing about Cupcakes & Conversation is you don't have to have the conversation alone. During our live session you will be among great company with other girls and parents who are all experiencing the same anxiety. The sweetest part is the panel discussion conducted by a teen and board certified pediatrician. What more could you ask for?

Join the conversation and Let's Create Something Sweet together!!




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