Can I return items?

All sales are final on all health and hygiene items. Other items are subject to our 30 day return policy.

What is Hello Cupcake?

It is a period box for girls age 8-16 years old. Talking about your period or how your body is changing can be uncomfortable. Hello Cupcake was created to easy the anxiety and make the conversation sweet.

How long does it take to ship?

We ship to new subscribers on the 15th of each month. Ongoing subscribers the first week of every month.

Are the products all natural?

Our boxes will contain both natural and conventional products.

When is the best time to give a girl a Hello Cupcake Kit?

We recommend that a girl should get her first period kit at least six months prior to her starting her first period. This gives both parent and daughter plenty of time to examine the box, discuss and prepare in advance.

What are the signs for a girl who is about to start her first menstruation?

When stages of puberty are evident with pubic hair and breast buds. A girl's first menstrual will usually come within two years of puberty.

What if all the signs are there and no period yet?

Girls who are physically active, underweight or overweight even those who experience stress may have delayed periods. Be sure to check with doctor with any concerns.



***This content is for informational purposes and not intended as medical advice. For medical concerns, advice and care you should consult with your medical physician.