The Wifey Rehab

Wedding bells are always a beautiful sound to a woman's ears! Each year countless number of women prepare to walk down the aisle to kiss her Prince Charming, wave goodbye to family & friends. Smiling from ear to ear as she plans to begin her happily ever after. Until life strikes and the honeymoon has ended. Now you seem to have reached an impasse.That's when it's rehab time!

The Wifey Rehab is a love movement that promotes rebuilding, reviving and rekindling marriages. Marriage is challenging and requires you to stretch and love beyond your feelings. The Wifey Rehab will empower you to commit to the work and open your heart to receiving a new kinda love.




Neka Arnold - Scott unlocked the missing piece in her marriage when she made the choice to look in the mirror first. Finding no resolve in placing the blame in the lap of her husband caused her to look within. As a result of her personal experience she has created a community for women, wives like her to find resolution to preparing their marriage. Once you become apart of TWR tribe your life will never be the same, neither will your marriage.


The Wifey Rehab (TWR) offers coaching, live streaming chats as well as live events. With a easy and practical step by step approach to reclaiming your identity and rebuilding your marriage. We have heard people say, "marriage should be 50/50" and nothing can be further from the truth. In order for you to create a happy + healthy marriage each person must be willing to give 100/100. TWR is focused on guiding women just like you into creating the love story of your dreams.

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